What we do

At Brown Beagle Software we develop innovative tools to help grow businesses.

Brown Beagle Software have successfully delivered solutions to the IT, academic, human resources, medical,and entertainment industries since 2008.

We offer full-service web application development to businesses globally. Full service means we can help you with project scoping, development, web design, marketing, hosting, SEO and training. Regardless of the size or location of your business, Brown Beagle Software can work with you to achieve your business objectives.

How we do it

We are firm believers in taking an agile approach to development. Our projects evolve organically in close consultation with our clients and we are always mindful to keep sight of their original goals. It’s our aim to use our knowledge of the internet and technology to make your business smarter.

We believe explicitly in thorough testing. All our projects undergo rigorous automated testing procedures before being approved for release. Sticking to our internal processes means no bugs and no short cuts. For our clients this means they can use our systems with complete confidence right away, with no post-launch problems.