Our core skills are biased towards web technologies, including:

  • Ruby on Rails (since 0.8.6)
  • Javascipt
    • jQuery (Core & UI)
  • Protocols
    • HTTP
    • TCP/IP
    • SSH
    • Many more
  • Functional and Aesthetic Design
  • System Administration
    • Linux
    • Apache, Nginx
    • MySQL, SQLite, Postgres

We’ve accumulated skills over the years that are useful to have but don’t typically constitute our day to day work. These include: PHP, Clojure, Java, and C++.

Outside of these technical skills, we also have a strong interest in Entrepreneurism, online marketing, and business processes. We have our own side projects that enable us to try new technology while engaging in real business. This makes us customer’s of our own consulting service which helps to keep us sharp, and focussed on the bottom line.