Brief Bio

Born in Perth, 1981. Married, with children. Graduated Curtin University, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science  with Honours. Left full time employment in 2005 after about 2 years in the IT industry. Grew Brown Beagle Software to almost ten employees. Now working solo.


I have a 30 square meter shed in my back yard for the sole purpose of keeping fit. I train every weekday, with a focus on athletic performance. The majority of my training is geared around improving my strength in core lifts (squats, deadlift, presses), with the occassional crossfit inspired workout thrown in every so often. I’ve also got an interest in gymanstics, but at 191cm isometric exercise is difficult. However, deep down a part of me thinks that mastery of your body through an isometric position such as a planche is a significant accomplishment. One day…

Trading and Macro Finance

I’ve had an interest in trading ever since I read Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb back in 2004. There are many life lessons to be found in the art of trading. For a long time I had an interest in robotic trading, for the obvious reason that it’s congruent with my career. Having invested significant time in studying the trading business, I’m leaning much more towards manually scalping futures markets these days. My reasons for this are long and varied and best left for discussion over a coffee.

I also have a fascination with macro-economics and finance. Roughly speaking, I come from the direction of Austrian economics and libertarianism. I’m motivated by my anxiety around the worldwide abuse of fiat currencies, and over promised social welfare programs and unfunded liabilities.