Brown Beagle is a well established web development firm that has developed for a broad range of well known, and less well known companies. We’re based in Perth, Australia and work with clients all over Australia communicating regularly through email, Skype, phone, and in person.

Brown Beagle was started in 2006 and within a number of years had grown to almost ten employees with clients located across Australia and North America. The business was scaled back in 2012 for personal reasons and has since resumed growth with a fresh business model.

Our business has a focus on three key areas: website development, website management, and ruby on rails development.

Website Development

In the early days of the Internet every website was a bespoke creation. This used to be a costly and time consuming endeavour that produced lacklustre results. Over time the tools and platforms have improved which has pushed down prices and improved results. Much of the basic web development now occurs offshore, with the project management and client liaison being local.

Brown Beagle has the capability to develop any website you need. For routine website development we utilise our reliable offshore partner. This allows us to reduce costs and improve turn around times. In most cases, offshore development only fits simple projects. We use in house and local partners when we believe the cost benefit to be favourable.

Website Management