Metro area (two were in northern New Jersey and one was on Long Island). Counties from an income level and is the wealthiest county in the country with an African American majority of citizens. Thus, Prince George’s is certainly not a slouch when it comes to wealth..

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Northside is also a newcomer to the state finals while Shelby has not only won a title the last three seasons and but has eight championships in 12 trips to the finals. The East No. 6 Monarchs are also the lowest seeded team among the 16 playing for a crown Friday and Saturday while Shelby is seeded No.

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Pasco County is seeking to become home to a proposed statewide forensic anthropology research and training center. The center, if legislators and Gov. Rick Scott agree to the $4.3 million price tag, would be built on 4 acres of county owned land in Land O’Lakes near the Pasco County Detention Center and become the seventh such facility in the country.

If there was one thing we learned in 2015, it’s that Fetty Wap is universal. The New Jersey sing rapper dropped so many hits last year, we’d challenge you to find a single person with ears who can’t name a Fetty track they bumped on repeat. While songs like “My Way,” “679,” and “Again” might have lovingly worn their welcome by this point, “No Days Off” from his recent debut full length is still perfectly untapped and will provide you with that fresh Fetty Wap fix you’ve been fiending while you step off the bench or treadmill and stretch it out..

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