In 2009, the area had been afflicted with heavy rain, causing flooding damage to over 2000 buildings. Three years later, the people wanted to celebrate the region’s recovery from that disaster. Works worked together to develop the concept and logistics behind the Bonbori Festival.The basic idea behind the Bonbori Festival is that a young female kami (Japanese deity) is lost, and the lanterns guide her to the Izumo Taisha, one of the ancient Shinto shrines.

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Minutes later, we discussed who would play us in the straight to DVD movie. For me, maybe that kid from CBS and a Half Men. For Nate, I thinking the Snoopy float from the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Our kids were excited to see how they stacked up against other schools from this area, so they worked very hard honing their fishing skills and gathering support from sponsors. And they spent several days on the water this spring learning how to catch river bass in the spring. They were so fired up that they were at the ramp nearly a half hour before any other kids on Friday.”.

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