See London for less with these hotels that won’t break the bank (Image: Alamy)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters’London’ and ‘great value’ are two phrases that you don’t often expect to see in the same sentence but believe it or not, there are some hotels out there in the city that won’t entirely break the bank.And, to give you Celine Outlet an extra helping hand, Mirror Travel has also searched out some of the best deals and offers happening right now to help you save those extra pennies so you can make the most of your city break.Visiting the capital this summer? Here are 10 of the best free museums to visit or for something a bit different, we’ve rounded up the quirkiest tours you never knew you could do in the capital.What’s in our guide? The best cheap hotels in London The top deals and offers happening right now CHEAP HOTELS 1. London House Hotel, BayswaterRecently renovated London House Hotel offers up the delights of Hyde Park, Notting Hill and Kensington Gardens, and comes complete with full air conditioning, mini fridges and flat screen TVs, (so you might not want to leave the room at all).Price: Rooms start form Address: 81 Kensington Gardens Square Bayswater London W2 4DJ2. Hotel Montana, King’s Cross The Hotel Montana sits right at the heart of King’s Cross and offers visitors walking access to the British Library, the Welcome Collection and the British Museum.For central London, hop on a tube just outside.Price: Rooms start form Address: 16 18 Argyle Square, Kings Cross, London WC1H 8ASNearest tube: King’s Cross3.

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