Bean Katahdin Iron Works Engineer Boots, Plain Toe (by Chippewa)What color and what leather? BlackWhat do you love the most about this style? It durable, unpretentious, low maintenance, fairly versatileWhen/ wear do you wear it? work and casually, usually with khakis/Chinos.Photos of your style: AlbumComments: Some may object to “unpretentious,” since I don have a “work boot job”, but they don really scream “work boot!” and as a one man shop I do a surprising amount of moving heavy things, set up, packing boxes, carrying boxes and pushing carts across campus, etc. So a sturdy but presentable shoe is useful to me.These were my first GYW purchase, and a lot of my choice was driven by caution: black because I figured I could wear black with a lot of my clothes, Bean because of the warranty, 10EE because I wanted to be sure they were big enough, removable insert/insole because I wanted the flexibility to change it (which I did). Got them for, I think, just a bit under $200, all told.

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