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The pool here is nice and warm at about 86 degrees. Because of this many people do use the pool which is nice to see. Unfortunately there was a couple of boys that were inconsiderate of others in the pool. They were unsupervised by their mother who left them in the pool area with their oblivious father who talked on his cell phone while his kids were monsters. Unfortunately the hotel cannot do anything about parents who do not care to supervise their kids. Unfortunately the Courtyard offers no real services such as breakfast or even free coffee and is very dated with small rooms and a very expensive Bistro..

Together, the powertrain is impressively quiet and smooth, emitting just occasional turbo whistles and a bit of hum at high rpm. On paper, the output looks competitive, putting it in contention with the turbo Honda Civic and 2.5 liter Mazda3, but it doesn’t feel very fast. It keeps up with traffic fine, but floor it and you’ll be wishing for more grunt.

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OnePlus 5T designAs with many things in the technology industry, once it’s clear that a new feature or specification has everyone talking, almost every company under the sun will race to adopt it. It’s interesting when it comes to taller screens, because for the first time in a very long time, there’s something visibly different about smartphones right now. It’s easy to feel that there is a tangible reason to upgrade when you see a nearly borderless 18:9 screen on a smartphone for the first time more so than improved camera quality, software or battery life, this is something physical that you can see in front of you.

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