My new kitchen garden

Canada Goose Outlet This week the weather hasn been good, canada goose uk site but the plants in my garden have been loving the rain. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket Other than tying my peas and tomatoes up and removing the odd sideshoots from my tomato plants, I haven really been able to do a lot in the garden. I have also been trying hard not to do too much in the house this week, so I don disturb my two daughters as they are revising hard for GCSE / A canada goose outlet niagara falls level exams. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale For those who are reading my blog for the first time, I started my new kitchen garden in January 2015 after giving my four allotment plots up (due to family circumstances). canada goose outlet florida Previously my little garden was a mix of large shrubs and so I dug the whole lot up to start my new vegetable plot: canada goose coats on sale

You can see from the slideshow below that I have tried hard to fill every space possible in my kitchen garden and I am canada goose outlet mississauga still growing plants from seed to replace any spaces that become available. Also (as always) I have squeezed in as many flowers as possible to attract beneficial insects to my plot and I now have four bug boxes to encourage them to stay in the winter.

canada goose clearance sale I have tried to remember that our garden is a not an allotment, so I have also used flowers to make it as pretty as possible so my family enjoy being outside in the summer well I made sure we have a small lawn for our dog to use, by removing a slabbed area in canada goose outlet toronto address the garden last year. canada goose clearance sale

In 2015 (my first year) canada goose outlet paypal I managed to grow far more than I expected in my small garden, however this year my garden is a lot more organised so I am hoping canada goose discount uk to grow even more I can still see I have plenty of room for improvement Rome wasn built in a day. Have a great week.

Last weekend we took part in a Park dog walk with Judy our rescue dog. This is what their website says about the walk:

chance for you and your dog to get out for a walk at Bradgate Park in the company of one of our Rangers who will talk about the history and wildlife of the Park while dog behaviourist Steven Havers gives tips on how to ensure that a walk in the park is a positive experience for you, your dog and any other people and canada goose outlet animals you may meet.

canada goose store I have got to be honest and say the only reason we went was because Steven Havers is our dog trainer and I feel confident when he is around. The last time we attempted to walk Judy on our own in Bradgate Park a few months canada goose outlet toronto factory ago, we ended up hiding up a hill behind trees as Judy reacted so much to each and every dog, regardless of how far away they were! not this time. canada goose store

canada goose At the start of the walk she barked a canada goose jacket outlet store bit as there were lots of dogs, but after a few minutes she behaved really well and took time out to relax and have a lie down was so proud of her! canada goose

canada goose clearance Bradgate park is beautiful and the views from John are canada goose outlet reviews spectacular as it stands on Bradgate’s tallest hill and Leicestershire’s second highest point some 690 feet above sea level: canada goose clearance

Folly or Prospect Tower was built in 1784 by the 5th Earl of Stamford. The circular stone tower replaced a former wooden windmill (which had been made unsafe in an earlier storm).

cheap Canada Goose On the 31st October 1786 a huge open air fire was built on the Hill by the 5th Earl of Stamford to mark the coming of age of his son, George Harry. Legend has it that a bonfire timber burnt through, falling amongst the guests and accidentally killing an old retainer of the Bradgate Estate called John. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online After canada goose outlet store uk the accident, the 5th Earl is reputed to have decreed canada goose outlet online uk that the Tower be named in affectionate memory of “Old John”. It is said that the stonework at the side of the Tower was altered so it looked like a handle perhaps knowing the old man’s liking of ale, it was deliberately modelled to give the Tower its familiar beer tankard shape of today Canada Goose online

canadian goose jacket You can read more about Old John here if you are interested. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats This week I planted some Cosmos just behind the new wire fence that I put up last week. Hopefully they will grow and look pretty later in the season and because they are behind the wire fence my daft dog won be able to destroy them. Again I planted them through the weed suppressant: canada goose coats

I also had canada goose outlet canada four spare tomato canada goose outlet miami plants which I planted in this area as well.

Canada Goose Jackets As I said last week, I not sure how well these plants will grow as I haven prepared the soil in this area at all just dug a small hole for each plant and used a small amount of blood, fish and bone and filled the hole with compost will be interesting to see the results! Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale In the photo above you can see the whole kitchen garden with the new area in front that I created last week. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap The new front area has mangetout, dwarf peas, a bag with potatoes growing in it, strawberries, sweetcorn and four tomato plants: buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Parka In my onion and root beds I have onions, garlic, parsley, parsnips, spring onions, beetrrot, radish and lettuce. The lettuce will shortly be replaced with leeks: Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale I have two beds with potatoes in a second early and a late main crop potato: canada goose black friday sale

In my legumes beds I have broad beans, french beans, runner beans, climbing peas and lolla rossa lettuces:

If you have been following my blog over the last few weeks, you will know that I have been having some family problems that now take up a canada goose victoria parka outlet lot of my time. However we have all become very attached to Judy as she is such a loving dog and we refuse to give up on her, especially as she is responding to training with me. It was such a hard thing to do as not only have I spent the last ten years working them and producing most of our fruit and vegetables, but as I stood and looked at the canada goose factory outlet vancouver plots for the last time I realised I also have so many fond memories my daughters canada goose outlet parka planting and picking crops, playing on their bikes or on their swing and I remember them collecting ladybirds and making mud pies. We also had lots of lovely family picnics there too.

However as my youngest daughter pointed out to me, these memories will stay with me forever.

I still going to carry on writing my blog as it one of the things I love to do and I will still be talking about cooking from scratch, cleaning the old fashioned way, etc. So my blog is going to be focusing now on how much I can possibly grow in my canada goose outlet ottawa small canada goose shop uk garden.