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canada goose jacket clearance If even the most rational and steady people are concerned about the state of things right now, then you can pretty much guarantee that it even harder for those of us who have extra issues.8 things you should never say to someone with an anxiety disorderI have a chronic anxiety disorder and seem to have spent most of this year suffering from stress related insomnia.I find myself lying awake at 3am, worriedly checking Twitter in case Trump has canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose made women illegal, or declared war on Iceland, or something equally bizarre while our backs are turned.And my shredded nerves doesn care that I on a different continent because I already trying to get my head around the fallout from Brexit, which hasn even happened yet, and it all I can do to stop myself running screaming into a cupboard with a bottle of gin and a determination to never look the world in the eye ever again.I written before about how it helps to hold onto positive thinking in these times Canada Goose Outlet of crisis, but there are also practical things we can dothat will help get us through.But what happens if you already constantly on edge because of mental health issues? Itis possible to get through it without losing the last Canada Goose Sale of your marbles here are some suggestions.Give yourself a breakNo one can live on adrenaline 24/7 (I seem to be attempting exactly this at the moment, but I wouldn recommend it) you be no good to anyone, including yourself, if you mentally exhausted.Staying constantly plugged into the media isn a good thing, so switch the internet off for set periods of time.If you feel you absolutely have to watch the news on television, make it once a day, maximum. Put it next to the bed or the kettle wherever you most likely to see it.Apart from the fact that we need all the help we can get right now, if you start missing doses because you too busy thinking about how build to nuclear shelter in the garden or whether bees would survive World War III, then you end up feeling worse about everything anyway.If you going to have a meltdown, try to ensure that it not being made 10 times worse by withdrawal symptoms.Do somethingnice for yourselfCliched but true. Go out for coffee or paint your toenails that way, at least your feet will look pretty on Doomsday.Take an hour out to go for a walk in the park, or watch a crappy old film that you seen a million times because it is comforting.If you nicer to yourself then you be nicer to others.MORE: How to press pause: 5 simple things any one can do to de stressTry to do something productive for other people, even if it only something small.Sort out your clothes and make a donation to charity, or offer to do an elderly neighbour shopping or walk their dog on a regular basis.Our local car park doesn ask for car registration details, so I occasionally pay for a little bit longer than I think I need and then hand the ticket on to anyone who just arriving as I leave canada goose jacket clearance.