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canada goose store Q) After a volatile week for equity markets which closed negative, what is the outlook for the index for the coming week?A) Albeit, in isolation, things are looking positive for the next week and we should not ignore the fact that this entire upswing from the lows of 11,250 is driven by some positive expectations from this sudden canada goose outlet toronto factory decision of ‘weekend meeting on the economy’.Hence, this entire rally can just be on the back of a massive short covering. The strength in this leg of upswing will be known only post canada goose outlet uk Monday’s price action.Use rallies to short Nifty; 3 stocks which could give 6 14% return in October seriesTime canada goose outlet new york city to go short? canada goose outlet shop Maintain a stop for positional shorts above 11,350 levelsStock pick of the day: Asian Paints among top official canada goose outlet three bets for short termTechnically speaking, if market sustains canada goose outlet nyc above Friday’s gap zone of 11,430 11,380 levels then it should remain positive with an initial target of 11,650.Again the big question remains whether this upmove from the lows of 11,250 is a fresh leg of an uptrend or a counter trend rally which will be clear only with retrospective effect and the strength with which we can move ahead will throw more clues in this regard.As the long term trends canada goose black friday sale are bullish this correction has to end at some point in time. It may end on Monday or after a couple canada goose outlet online uk of weeks, but eventually, a fresh breakout beyond 11,760 shall open up targets placed around 12,500 kinds of levels.As of now further downsides, if any, below 11,250, shall get curtailed in the zone of 11,100 11,050 levels.Q) How is Nifty Bank looking on weekly as well as daily charts?A) At a recent low of 26,555 Bank Nifty almost tested its critical support on the long term charts whose value is placed at 26,530 levels.In case if this critical level is breached then bears can make a decent buck out of this breakdown as downsides shall get extended up to 25,590 levels which is like our worst case canada goose outlet jackets target for this index.In simple words, it has to bottom out between 26,555 26,530 levels or extend its corrective swing towards 25,590 to hit a bottom.On the daily charts, it has breached its critical short term supports and hence upsides as of now are looking limited to 27,470 kinds of levels.It canada goose outlet parka looks like it will not give clear cut indications of strength unless the index closes above 27,552 levels canada goose store.