To cut the silver solder, use metal snips. Once it has been cut, apply a coating of flux to the silver solder. Stick it to the side of the joint.. Apply the polish to an area of the silver and let it dry. Depending on what I’m trying to polish determines how much area I apply to at a time. Take a moist soft rag or included sponge and start rubbing the almost dry compound.

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3d virtual reality Blue, White and Red.The Blue and Red wires going into the motor 3d virtual reality, are both Live.The White wire going into the motor, is Neutral.This means that your Blue wire on your plug must be connected to the White wire on the motor. See photo 5.The Brown wire on your plug can be connected to either the Red or the Blue wire on your motor. See photo 6.Essentially the Blue and Red wires on the motor are the directional wires 3d virtual reality.