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canada goose outlet store Get daily updates directly to your inbox SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Residents said they were woken at midnight last night (Saturday) to “absolutely appalling” noise, and the illegal rave was still thought to be continuing on Sunday morning (June 4).Police have since confirmed to the News that one person has been arrested.Police officers at the scene outside the village of ArringtonCambridge News reader Cheap Canada Goose Gary Britton sympathised, but said illegal raves would not happen if there were better facilities available for people to use.He said: “If the police allowed them to organize a proper rave without all the red tape rubbish this wouldn’t happen. Plenty of old derelict factory buildings canada goose sale doing nothing all over the place.”Has Strawberry Fair shrugged off its troubled image?Jim Dennison, who lives nearby, said: “Jeez I Canada Goose Sale wondered where it was coming from! And I live six miles away it must have been loud.”Jenny Webb said: “We heard it this morning near the IWM at Duxford.”Police officers at the scene outside the village of ArringtonMany readers sympathised with locals and land owners in the area, saying such raves could cause damage to crops and farmland.Alex James Napier Holland said: “I went to illegal waves when I was a teenager; it was only when one happened to a farmer we knew, I found out how much damage was caused.”Police confirm arrest after illegal rave in Cambridgeshire countrysideKellie Rolls took to social media to say: “Of course there are other things to worry about but when there are hundreds of ravers off their head on your land, you feel very vulnerable. They have trespassed and have damaged crops.”Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterCambridgeshire ConstabularyCambridgeshire police have spent almost half a million on body cameras but can’t prove if they help beat crime. canada goose outlet store

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