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canada goose outlet sale Yet outside that area damage was minimal, more like a Category 1 storm.And the place it hit with its massive winds was on the southern tip of Dade County and any place else would have caused far more damage, Norcross and Hale said.”As bad as it was, it was as good as it could have been,” Norcross said.Andrew path also took it straight out of South Florida at relatively high speeds of about 18 mph (29 kph).The National Hurricane Center forecast path for Irma is from the south, hitting Miami and perhaps its highly developed and expensive central region, then up through affluent Broward and Palm Beach counties and further north, threatening the entire peninsula instead of just its tip.For disaster officials trying to rescue people and clean up, that a big difference.”Everything north of us was functioning and safe,” said Hale, now an emergency canada goose sale manager in Virginia. “This time everything north of them is going to be in bad shape as well.”Andrew intensified to a Category 5 hurricane just before hitting land, while Irma has been a Category 5 storm for days and is forecast to fluctuate in intensity in the next couple days and could hit as a strong Category 4. But forecasts of a weakening storm are somewhat iffy, meteorologists said.Another huge factor is Andrew was so small, while Irma is already a normal size storm and likely to grow bigger with up to 100 miles Cheap Canada Goose (160 kilometers) wide of Category 5 hurricane force winds, triple Andrew girth, according to Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private Weather Underground.Irma “is going over a much bigger population,” Masters said canada goose outlet sale.