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Replica Hermes Bags (Shaina Luck/CBC)”When the results pointed towards a minority I actually thought that’s a good thing because we can actually make the changes in mental health that I want to make from Opposition,” said Bailie.”When it flipped at the very end to a slim majority, now it’s really on the premier’s shoulders to make those changes. I am determined to be there for the upcoming session to push for them.”The Liberal majority means Baillie and his party will spend another four years or so not running the government and lacking any real power to change any legislation the Liberals put through.”Four years is a long time, and I just want to be honest, it’s a lot to ask of my family to keep going.”Baillie proud of party’s successBaillie started leading the PCs in 2010, during a difficult time. He said many Nova Scotians were upset with federal Conservative leader Stephen Harper and took it out on the provincial Progressive Conservatives.Then Justin Trudeau became prime minister, the federal Liberals were riding high, and the public’s interest in the PC party dropped off.But interest in the Tories returned during this election, when the party captured about 36 per cent of the popular vote, a bump of nearly 10 percentage points from 2013.Baillie (centre) arrives with his family to deliver a speech to supporters at his headquarters in Springhill on election night. Replica Hermes Bags

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