deb frecklington and steven miles share festive recipes

cake decorations supplier Spin Some Vinyl If you have a record player, you might play some ’50s records during the party, but any scratched or unwanted records make for original place mats. The records double as place cards when you use a felt pen to cross out the artists’ names and write in the guests’ names. Or use records as trivets for platters and bowls, and string a half dozen or so along with a few balloons over the table by their center holes, using bright colored ribbon.. cake decorations supplier

silicone mould She shook her finger at Dickie and gave him a swat on the seat of his pants. The next thing she saw was smoke coming from his back pocket. Help us! she shouted. I can’t quite remember. But whatever lit the fire, the desire grew. I decided to enter the Newcastle Regional Show cookery competition. silicone mould

fondant tools The first time visitor from Canada, thinking vaguely of Dublin as another city in what the school geography books called “the British Isles” might expect Dublin to be something like a provincial English city baking tools, more linked to London than to Paris, Brussels or Lisbon. That would be the first mistake. Ireland’s and Dublin’s history is one long, often cantankerous and sometimes bloody quarrel with London. fondant tools

baking tools Try making the stuffing in advance, and stuff the bird on Christmas Eve this gives you time to weigh it after it’s stuffed, so you can accurately calculate the cooking time. If you are really organised you can prepare ahead and freeze your stuffing, or make it and wrap it in clingfilm and chill it until the big day. My favourite is an apricot stuffing with chestnuts. baking tools

bakeware factory The effects of theobromine on a pet depend on the animal size and the quantity of chocolate eaten. It also depends on the type of chocolate since each type contains different levels of this chemical. For instance, dark chocolate contains much higher concentrates of theobromine than does milk chocolate and so could pose a greater risk to your pet.. bakeware factory

plastic mould The second son, Gabriel, was my great great great grandfather.” Eric Sand, chair of the organizing committee and secretary of the Monterey History and Art Association, is the great great great great grandson of Joel Walker, one of the signers of the California Constitution in 1949. One branch of his family tree, the Ingrams, settled Big Sur in the 1970s. Hilby Avenue in Seaside is named after his great grandfather. plastic mould

kitchenware A traditional reception in an untraditional place followed for about a dozen guests. The couple shared a champagne toast (after a quick check with the nursing supervisor to see if it was permissible for her patient to imbibe) and a meal personally prepared by Manor executive chef Mark Derrick. It was a typical wedding day held in very atypical circumstances.. kitchenware

decorating tools Operational losses were very high, particularly for these novice pilots but training accidents too took an unacceptably heavy toll. Both squadrons flew 2 seater Bristol Fighter F2Bs on home defence c.1917/18. Worn by Denny in the following images. The years have been good to Galaxy Desserts with some of the nation’s best restaurants, bakeries and specialty stores, including Williams Sonoma and Neiman Marcus, as customers. We have many loyal fans. And, much to our joy, our very buttery French Butter Croissants and Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Batter have each been on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” show (the croissants for three separate, yet equally fabulous years) decorating tools.