Here, for your perusal, are all the movies hitting our theatres this spring that weren’t super foreign and only going to be shown in somebody’s basement in Denver for a single night. Theatres today. A father seeks vengeance for his daughter, the most recent victim in a series of brutal killings.

nhl caps Best of all, the 87 year old ivory hued Biltmore hat can be yours for a mere $8,000 or so surely a bargain if you’re a fervent fan of Sir Winston Churchill, or just someone who wants to possess physical evidence showing Calgary’s traditional white hat history is all wrong.”I’ve never had to sell a Biltmore to anyone all I have to do is put a Biltmore in your hand, and you can tell right away, it’s like nobody else’s hat,” says Erika Dutton.Dutton is the long serving account manager for Biltmore Hats, and the last Canadian employee of the 113 year old Guelph, Ontario company, that relocated to Texas in 2011 under new ownership.Dutton, for one, is not at all surprised to hear that the legendary British statesman and former prime minister loved his Biltmore, a cowboy style hat that will soon be auctioned by Christie’s of London in sale of unusual items that also includes Lawrence of Arabia’s desert scarf and Charlie Chaplin’s violin.”These were not low end hats, and we had a great reputation even then they were known for their fine finish,” said Dutton.It’s that “then” that may upset the Calgary establishment or at least the long established official story, that Calgary’s traditional white hat welcome for dignitaries and celebrities dates back to the late 1940s, when locally produced Smithbilts were first handed out as a gift to VIP visitors by Mayor Don Mackay.The problem being that Churchill’s cherished white hat, which he wore frequently in his retirement years, was gifted to Hitler’s future arch enemy way back in 1929 nba caps, by another mayor of Calgary.”Right Hon. Winston Churchill, Chancellor of the Exchequer in the late Baldwin Government in Great Britain, arrived in Canada recently on the Empress of Australia and made a tour of the country from Montreal to Victoria,” reads the Raymond Recorder newspaper, dated Aug. 29, 1929.”He visited Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Sicamous, Vancouver and Victoria.”It was after a speech before 750 enthralled citizens at Calgary’s Palliser Hotel that then Mayor Frederick Ernest Osborne presented the guest of honour with the Biltmore hat that Churchill then wore for the rest of his North American visit.”Before leaving Calgary Winston acquired what became a treasured memento. nhl caps

nfl caps Equus Red Cell, Delhi, has won the Rs 3 4 crore creative business of Ozone Ayurvedics’ eye care brand ITIS, beating nine other agencies in the running. Many among our readers might wonder why Equus Red Cell was not mentioned along with the other agencies in our story “Ozone Ayurvedics calls for a creative pitch”, which we ran last month (October 25). Incidentally, agencyfaqs! had reported the names of eight agencies that were invited by Ozone Ayurvedics O Grey, Mudra, Dhar Hoon, TBWAAnthem, Enterprise Nexus, SSC and RKSwamy/BBDO nfl caps.