Jrgen Klopp: I want the Liverpool players to like what they do

Without wishing to be rude, Jrgen Klopp has already learned that, for the time being, he is better off turning down photograph requests on his crash course into life in Liverpool. The other night, eating out with his coaching staff and their respective wives, two people from a nearby table came over. I had to say no, Klopp said, pointing out how quickly these photographs tend to turn up on Twitter or in newspapers. It was different, he said, can you buy canada goose jacket online in Germany and Liverpools manager was concerned about the impression it might leave of his working habits. It looks like Im always in restaurants and bars, he explained.

In reality, Klopp has devoted himself to a week of intensive learning at Liverpools training ground, are there any canada goose outlet stores devouring hours of tape of their matches and perhaps wondering what he has done to deserve the best replica canada goose jacket bad anyone has got canada goose coat luck that has ambushed him so far.

Liverpools Danny Ings out for rest of season after rupturing ligaments Read more

To lose one player to a ruptured knee ligament would be a grave misfortune; for two to be diagnosed with the same buying cheap canada goose outlet jacket online problem within the space of 24 hours is fairly astonishing.

Danny Ings and Joe Gomez have suffered the injury every footballer fears the most and Klopp could probably be forgiven for being a touch more sombre in front of another huge media turnout than in his introductory press conference six days earlier, even if he did flash a smile when the reporter from TV2 in Norway pulled out a Liverpool shirt with Normal 1 on the back and announced it was the bestseller in the megastore.

Klopp was in work mode, turning up in tracksuit top and shorts, rather than the jeans and boots he wore at Anfield last week, and after four months out of the game there was the sense he probably felt he had done enough buy canada goose jacket winnipeg talking now and wanted to see the team