friends mourn teen stabbed to death in east end

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Replica Hermes Belts But as they lost him, he would save five other people’s lives.On hisdriver’s license tucked away in his fiancee’s purse was the ray of hope: Clauson was an organ donor.”At that moment, our lives changed,” said Tim Clauson at hisson’s celebration of life last month. “As bad as it was before, our lives changed for the better.”Because they were sure it was what Clausonwould have wanted, the family started a campaign called “Chasing 200.”They were hoping, in Clauson’s honor Replica Hermes Belts, 200 people would pledge to be organ donors.That goal was blown away.By Tuesday evening, exactly one month after Clauson’stragic accident that took his life Replica Belts,there were 3,761people signed up onClauson’s registration website.The Clauson family was told that is one of the largest national organ donation campaignsever. With each person who is a donor, five people’s lives can be saved Replica Hermes Belts.