United can ill afford Blanc spaces in the area

In Manchester United’s position, eight points off the top of the Premiership, the last thing they can afford is to give away goals through fundamental errors. So the slack marking by Laurent Blanc, which gave Aston Villa their goal, must have been galling for Sir Alex Ferguson.

It’s one thing to be picked off by individual brilliance or slick team play Authentic Prada Canvas Bag but you should never make it easy for the opposition to score from a bread-and-butter corner. Blanc showed why it is important for a defender to stick close homesite to the player he’s marking. Instead of being touch-tight against Olof Mellberg as Mark Kinsella prepared to take the corner, Blanc stood Are Prada Mens Shoes Good where he thought the ball was going to land in the area. Kinsella did aim there but Blanc’s approach had handed Mellberg the advantage. Are All Prada Products Made In Italy

Whereas Mellberg could gather momentum as he was running in and get good leverage on his jump, Blanc was left trying to win the contest from a standing start. He was always going to struggle and United were left chasing Best Prada Outlet In Florence the game against a very determined Villa, who put a load of tacklers in midfield and took advantage of the absence of Roy Keane and Nicky Butt.

If Blanc had been tight against Mellberg, it’s possible he still wouldn’t have won the header but there might have been enough jostling to put the Swede off. Mellberg might have been forced to make a detour to get to the ball and wouldn’t have got as good a contact.

Mistakes like that can be expensive. A few clean sheets can be the difference between winning the league Authentic Prada Handbags Outlet Uk and Authentic Prada Americas Cup Sneakers finishing second or third, and Blanc should know better than to leave his man. He’s highly experienced and played Are All Prada Handbags Leather in Italy, where defenders never mark space. Serie A is all about going man-for-man in the box. Defenders there would tread on people’s toes and hold shirts, and Blanc would have been ripped apart in Italy for being that far away.

I’m sure Ferguson will be angry. One of the last things you do, once you’ve seen the opposing team, is detail the marking at set plays. Villa’s biggest threats on headers were Dion Authentic Prada Fairy Bag Sale Dublin, Ian Taylor and Mellberg, Bicester Village Prada Discount and it looked as if Blanc had been asked to take care of Mellberg. By not paying attention to detail he cost his side dear.

Last week at Olympiakos Blanc was allowed to walk in on a set piece and head United’s opener from the same sort of area. This Are Prada Trainers Made In Vietnam wasn’t quite as clear cut but he hasn’t learned from the slackness that gave him his goal.