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It’s said that amateurs practice until they get it right, while professionals practice so they never get it wrong. Don’t risk your vision with the amateurs, execute through Brown Beagle, a professional team with a proven track record of delivered projects.

“I just want to say THANK YOU for the work you’re doing with Flying Solo. I really appreciate and admire all that you do and the way you do it. It’s a delight to have you as part of our team!”
Robert Gerrish, founder, Flying Solo

Brown Beagle Services

In this day and age when anyone with a laptop and a hoodie could be a computer whizz kid, how do you discern the professionals from the fakers? In our decade of experience, the biggest risk to any software project has been scope creep. Next is unrealistic milestone and budget expectations. In fact, the top problems encountered during development are not technical problems, they are budget management problems. It’s not enough that your team can cut code. The best development teams understand the importance of client communication, and making proactive pragmatic decisions while there are still options.

“iDigital has performed exceptionally well with no downtime and fast, flawless performance. I have no reservations in recommending Brown Beagle’s services.”
Stephen Corcoran, St Stephen’s School